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Port Adelaide welcomes Shanghai 2018 game announcement
Published on : Tuesday, 24 October 2017

PORT ADELAIDE welcomes today’s AFL fixture announcement confirming the club will play a premiership season game in Shanghai in 2018. More.....

China fulfils need for speed by creating world’s largest bullet train network
Published on : Friday, 13 January 2017

China has successfully bagged the title of being the country with world’s largest high-speed rail network by constructing 20,000 km of high-speed train lines, spread across the entire country. The country is also planning to add another 15,000 km of high-speed rail lines by the year 2025.

The country has even built the high-speed railway tracks and train stations in the remotest and quietest corners like the Anhui province, where the number of the residents and business establishments are fewer in comparison to the other Chinese provinces.

The planners of the high-speed railway network in China believe that building the high-speed network in the remotest corners of the county will help them to create more railway towns, exactly what Britain and America did in the 19th century.

The first high-speed railway line in China, was built almost five years ago. In 2011, the first high-speed bullet train started rolling on the Beijing-Shanghai line. Till then the rail network has been proved to be a boon, especially in the dense corners of the country. But the industry experts believe that investing this large an amount to build high-speed rail network in the remote places is nothing but wastage of resources.

According to the authorities in China, after the high-speed bullet trains started to roll near Kunshan, due to the high house prices in nearby Shanghai, people started to move out of the pricey city of Shanghai, only because of the bullet trains connected the two cities in mere 19 minutes in exchange of 25 yuan. Apart from connecting the cities in just a blink of an eye, the bullet trains have also helped the country to reduce road congestion.

The country of China doesn’t just want to build the largest bullet train network in the world; it wants to form a ‘high-speed rail economy’